IGA Gateway

EasyRequest fully integrates with SailPoint‘s IdentityIQ.

It accesses data that is stored on Sailpoint’s Identity Cube (Identities, Accounts, Roles, Entitlements, Assignments, Risk Index, and Workflows), exploiting Sailpoint’s IdentityIQ APIs and PlugIn Framework.

EasyRequest IGA gateway ships with several out-of-the-box workflows

that install and execute on Sailpoint’s IdentityIQ Workflow Engine. Examples are: Create a New Account; Update Account Properties; Enable/Disable Account; Assign/Revoke Profiles and Entitlements.

New Sailpoint workflows

can be implemented way more efficiently in EasyRequest, also leveraging the natural language workflow description capabilities that altogether remove the need for coding required on the Sailpoint platform.

EasyRequest & SailPoint’s IdentityIQ data and request status are kept aligned

through the “EasyRequest IGA Gateway for Sailpoint” component. The gateway can be configured to select which Identity attributes should be synchronized with EasyRequest and with which frequency (daily, hourly…).