IGA Gateway

integrates natively with Micro Focus Identity Manager.

It accesses data that is stored on the Micro Focus Identity Vault (such as Identities, Resources, Assignments, and Workflows), leveraging the native soap integration capabilities offered by the Micro Focus User Application Webservices.

EasyRequest IGA gateway for Micro Focus ships with the following out-of-the-box workflows

that install and execute on Micro Focus Identity Manager workflow engine: Create a New Identity; Update Identity Properties; Enable/Disable Identity; Assign/Revoke Resources.

EasyRequest overcomes fundamental audit-related Micro Focus product limitations

providing full approver traceability for completed workflows and retaining “older than 12 months” workflows. EasyRequest also extends any Micro Focus workflow with the possibility to add attachments and in-line message exchange with ‘out of the workflow’ stakeholders, which would otherwise require off-line email exchange.

EasyRequest & Micro Focus Identity Vault data and request status are kept aligned

through the “EasyRequest IGA Gateway for Micro Focus” component. The gateway can be configured to select which Identity attributes should be synchronized with EasyRequest and with which frequency (daily, hourly, …).